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Stylish turntable

Hello everybody!

I would like to tell you how I found the best stylish, yet useful accessory to make my flat looks more lovely.

1 year ago when I moved to this apartment I was completely satisfied with it. But as the time flew I wanted more and more. This is how I got decoration around every room and this is why I have several products which resemble the ‘70s, the decade that I love so much. Even I was born in the ‘90s my soul belongs two decades before that.

I bought some modern furniture which looks like old ones: a bed, two egg chair and a sofa. Furthermore, I bought some eclectic curtain, that are mixed the style of the ’60 and the early ‘80s. Those are the most unique part of my flat, currently.

When I put on that curtain, I was very happy, but after a week I realised that something is still missing, something very important, that could bring the really feelings from the mentioned decade. I was frustrated by this idea for 8 months, but now I finally realised what is the solution: I need a record player!

That’s the piece of age that I missed, that’s the product that really belongs to the ‘70s, that’s what I want to buy. Unfortunately, I don’t have money to buy a fully functional product which is manufactured 40 years ago, but I found some pretty good modern turntable, with the same features.

I found a lot of information about this topic on a site which honestly spoke about the up and down sides of turntables, furthermore they wrote several record player reviews about different brands and models. Here it is: Pick My Turntable I was surprised that this much information is gathered to one place, with helpful staff, who helped me to choose, even if they are not a store.

So this is how I found the very best, and still affordable, Crosley Nomad record player, which is powered via USB cable and has everything I could wish for.

I ordered it 20 minutes ago and it would arrive within 2 days. I’m impatient…I want it now!


I need your help!

I want to do something that isn’t close to my original profession. My obsession with woodcraft is still the same, but now I want to challange myself in order fields.

I want to learn how to cook.

Yes, I know it isn’t the manliest hobby I could choose, but now this is what I want, this is where I want to broaden my knowledge

To prepare myself for this big action, I created some plate, fork and knife out of wood. They looks great and they gave me enough courage to make the food myself and eat with them.

I want to cook chicken and some soup to suprise my family (and maybe not poison them 😀 ).

My first attempt to do so wasn’t a success. Firefighters had to put out the fire what I caused…furthermore I destroyed the gas range my wife loved so much. But that didn’t discourage me. My tenacity is stronger than this.


Despite the fact that my wife don’t want to let me cook again, I’ll do it, no matter what!

Now I have to buy a new gas range in order to fulfill my desire. I searched on the internet and found some pretty cool (but still not as cool as any woodcraft) ranges. Some gas range reviews helped me to realise how hard is it to find the perfect. This is where I would like to ask for your help. I found three, that probably would be good, but all of them are from different brands: Samsung / GE / LG.

Do you have any previous experience in buying gas ranges? I really would like to read some helpful tips, because all of them have good ratings. Furthermore they are on the same price.

If you give me the advice about which to choose, you can tell me what kind of food should I cook first.

I promise I’ll be more careful and I won’t lite up the kitchen again. 🙂


What do you think about the modern wooden products? Do you like them?

If your answer is yes, than you are at the right place to get some insider information from the wooden industry.

I’m a part of an amazing team, which always ready to so some awesome product. We are always test the new machines that could help our work, and we are eager to find new methods to create value.


Most of the times I’m in charge of discovering the manufacturers’ new products, such as table saws. Most of the time I’m browsing online, not because the representatives of the big stores are not competitive enough, but because they are always behind the trends with 3-4 months. This is because they don’t want to take any risk. Not like us. So I usually read blogs and reviews about this topic – there are a lot of honest and interesting writings. For both industry and home usage this site gives great comparisons, where everybody can find the best table saw that met for their needs. This is how I found the some new brand which are going to be pioneers within years. Their products are way beyond both in performance and quality compared to the big companies.

We are currently testing one of their products. We are going to use it a little bit more, but it looks like we are going to change the whole plant. If we did it, I’ll provide you more information about this company I mentioned.

I’ll take some pictures and create a video about the usage of these machines. I’m sure you have a need to see and learn how to use them properly, and I’m helping you gladly.

Stay tuned! My next entry will come much faster!