Pioneer table saw

What do you think about the modern wooden products? Do you like them?

If your answer is yes, than you are at the right place to get some insider information from the wooden industry.

I’m a part of an amazing team, which always ready to so some awesome product. We are always test the new machines that could help our work, and we are eager to find new methods to create value.


Most of the times I’m in charge of discovering the manufacturers’ new products, such as table saws. Most of the time I’m browsing online, not because the representatives of the big stores are not competitive enough, but because they are always behind the trends with 3-4 months. This is because they don’t want to take any risk. Not like us. So I usually read blogs and reviews about this topic – there are a lot of honest and interesting writings. For both industry and home usage this site gives great comparisons, where everybody can find the best table saw that met for their needs. This is how I found the some new brand which are going to be pioneers within years. Their products are way beyond both in performance and quality compared to the big companies.

We are currently testing one of their products. We are going to use it a little bit more, but it looks like we are going to change the whole plant. If we did it, I’ll provide you more information about this company I mentioned.

I’ll take some pictures and create a video about the usage of these machines. I’m sure you have a need to see and learn how to use them properly, and I’m helping you gladly.

Stay tuned! My next entry will come much faster!