Stylish turntable

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Stylish turntable

Hello everybody!

I would like to tell you how I found the best stylish, yet useful accessory to make my flat looks more lovely.

1 year ago when I moved to this apartment I was completely satisfied with it. But as the time flew I wanted more and more. This is how I got decoration around every room and this is why I have several products which resemble the ‘70s, the decade that I love so much. Even I was born in the ‘90s my soul belongs two decades before that.

I bought some modern furniture which looks like old ones: a bed, two egg chair and a sofa. Furthermore, I bought some eclectic curtain, that are mixed the style of the ’60 and the early ‘80s. Those are the most unique part of my flat, currently.

When I put on that curtain, I was very happy, but after a week I realised that something is still missing, something very important, that could bring the really feelings from the mentioned decade. I was frustrated by this idea for 8 months, but now I finally realised what is the solution: I need a record player!

That’s the piece of age that I missed, that’s the product that really belongs to the ‘70s, that’s what I want to buy. Unfortunately, I don’t have money to buy a fully functional product which is manufactured 40 years ago, but I found some pretty good modern turntable, with the same features.

I found a lot of information about this topic on a site which honestly spoke about the up and down sides of turntables, furthermore they wrote several record player reviews about different brands and models. Here it is: Pick My Turntable I was surprised that this much information is gathered to one place, with helpful staff, who helped me to choose, even if they are not a store.

So this is how I found the very best, and still affordable, Crosley Nomad record player, which is powered via USB cable and has everything I could wish for.

I ordered it 20 minutes ago and it would arrive within 2 days. I’m impatient…I want it now!